Quick Pass is an optional, easy to use same day online check-in system for our patients. If you know that you will be visiting us today for quick care, you can make an reservation to visit our clinic with as little as one (1) hour advanced notice.

Las Vegas Urgent Care and Internal Medicine will be closed from 12/18/2019 to 01/06/2020.

How do I schedule an appointment using Quick Pass?

Simply click on the Quick Pass logo on our website. The system will allow you to pick and send us a reservation time and will guide you through the online check-in process.

How long will I have to wait in the lobby once I arrive at the clinic?

Once you have completed the online check-in process, you simply show up to the clinic, notify the front desk of your registration, and you will be taken to an exam room at the next available opening. You move to the head of the line!

While this is NOT an appointment, depending on the patient volume and types of medical conditions being treated at the clinic, an online check-in can shorten your wait time.

Please note when using Las Vegas Urgent Care’s QuickPass Check-In:

 QuickPass is not a guarantee of a shorter waiting time.

 Las Vegas Urgent Care will triage those patients with more urgent health care needs ahead of ALL patients.

 Patient walk-in volume may increase in between the time a QuickPass check-in is made and actual check-in time.

 The number of patients at the clinic and the EXTENT of their treatment may lengthen wait times for all patients including QuickPass patients.

 Sports/Camp Physicals cannot use Quick Pass due to limited spots available

New Patients

We understand that a visit to the doctor is not your first choice when deciding to do with your day. In addition to providing high-quality care in a convenient location, our physicians and staff try to simplify the registration process and make every effort to minimize your wait.

Return Patients

Welcome back! As a return patient, we will ask you for your identification and if anything from your previous registration has changed (i.e. have you moved? Do you have different insurance?, etc.).

The Return Patient paperwork primarily asks the reason for your visit.