You may have just finished a stay at a hospital, and found yourself with an astronomical medical bill. It pays to get to the bottom of your medical bills, because they’re subject to more errors and overcharges than you might think. The best way to solve this? Go to an urgent care in Las Vegas rather than wasting your time at the hospital, unless you really need it. Read on to find out more.

  1. Tylenol. Some patients have reported an individual charge on their bill for up to $15 for each individual pill! This can add up to over $345 for an individual stay.
  2. Patient belonging bag. Some hospitals have charged $8 for a bag that’s much like a grocery bag, to hold your personal items.
  3. Box of tissues. This may be listed on your bill as “mucus recovery system.” And you could be charged upwards of $8 dollars for one box. Send out a family member to get one for you.
  4. Gloves. These may be charged upwards of $53 per non-sterile pair (sterile are higher), for a possible total of $5,141 during the average hospital stay. Yikes.
  5. Cup medicine. Cost is for the plastic cup to administer the medicine, not the actual medicine inside it. This is up to $10 per cup, for a total of $440 during the average patient stay.
  6. Marking pen To mark the body during surgery – $17.50. Yes, you read that right. For a simple pen.
  7. Blood Pressure Cuff That blood pressure cuff they put on your arm to test your blood pressure? $20. And those are completely reusable.
  8. Oral administration fee. There may be an individual charge for a nurse to hand you medicine taken by mouth. This may be $6.25 per instance, for a total of $87.50 during the average hospital stay.
  9. Headlight. Cost of using the overhead light in the operating room? $93.50. A light that can be used for multiple operations.
  10. Alcohol swabs. This may be charged at $23 per swab, for a total of $322 during average patient stay.

These and more are just a few things that are outrageously priced on your medical bill. Why do hospitals get away with this sort of thing? It’s hard to say. However, if you feel you don’t have too serious of a problem, it would serve you well to see an urgent care specialist instead. You’ll find that we can get you in and out much quicker, and you won’t end up with astronomical medical bills.

However, if you have a serious injury or illness or are in need of major surgery, it’s unlikely that an urgent care center can treat you. Simply being aware of the costs you may endure when going to the hospital is the best way to stay informed. Contact our offices for more information today!

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