Now that cold and flu season is truly upon our city, you’ve probably noticed people getting sick left and right. You may hear family, friends, and co-workers complain of different wintertime illnesses that have dragged them to the nearest clinic. One of the most common wintertime bugs going around right now is usually referred to as…

With cold and flu season upon us, it is important to be able to recognize the symptoms of each so that you can pursue the correct treatment. This guide will help you understand the common symptoms that accompany the cold and flu. Cold Symptoms There are many different versions of the cold virus floating around…

As temperatures drop and noses start running, people all around you are starting to get sick. When you start to feel the trademark stuffiness or congestion, you want to treat whatever you’re suffering from to nip the illness in the bud. However, your course of action depends on what type of illness you are really…

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