In the United States, vaccinations are an excellent way to fight off many illnesses that can cause ourselves and children harm growing up. Every year, people see their general doctor or quick care facility to receive a flu vaccination that is designed to combat this year’s strain. Because of vaccinations received as a child, such…

There is no doubt that exercise, combined with healthy nutrition, has many benefits to your overall well-being. Exercise and physical activity can improve your physical appearance as well as improved mood, reduced risk of heart disease, diabetes, and risk of cancer. With all these benefits, it would make sense to exercise everyday, all-day, right? While…

You’ve just had a nice dinner out at one of your favorite spots with your significant other and head home for a relaxing night on the couch with a good movie. Half way through the movie, it hits you like a train. You rush over to the bathroom and immediately proceed spending the rest of…

Las Vegas Urgent Care is equipped with the ability to handle most situations from illnesses and injuries to regular physical examinations. In the event of an injury and urgent care is needed, Las Vegas Urgent Care offers fully trained staff equipped with digital x-ray capabilities that will allow you to receive fast results and diagnosis….

Often times, people will only visit an urgent care or their primary physicians when they feel something is wrong with their health. Very rarely will people schedule regular check-ups with their physician to examine their overall health status. Especially as we grow older, it is important to receive regular physical examinations by a medical physician….

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