There are general health tips that everyone is familiar with. Drink lots of water, work out regularly, eat well, and get adequate sleep are just a few of the more common suggestions. However, we’re certain that the following three health hacks are news to your ears!

#1 | Drink coffee to nap soundly.

Sounds counter-intuitive, right? Well, studies have recently shown that drinking a cup of coffee before taking a 20 minute nap helps you to feel rested and energized when you wake. That’s because the caffeine kicks in just as you’re waking from your nap and clears the brain of the fog-causing adenosine.

#2 | Don’t brush right after eating.

This is especially true if you ate a food with a high acid content. The acid softens your teeth’s enamel and brushing immediately after can cause more harm than good. So, it’s recommended that you wait about 30 minutes before cleaning your pearly whites.

#3 | Drink water to beat bloating.

Bloating is most often caused by dehydration or the consumption of too much salt. Drinking lots of water remedies both of those issues that cause you to carry more padding around your midsection. Increased consumption of water also helps the body perform better in general so, drink up!

If you’re doing everything you think you should be doing to live a happy, healthy life and you still feel subpar, it may be a good idea to visit an urgent care near you for a check up. Just call 702.852.2000 to schedule an appointment.

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