There are a few weight loss facts that most people are aware of. The fact that losing weight can help you to look and feel good in your clothes (or lack there of) is probably the most common reason people embark on a fitness journey. Improved heart health and increased control over diabetic symptoms are a couple more well known facts.

However, there are three facts about weight loss that you’ve probably never heard before. Here they are:

#1 | Your memory can improve.

Recent studies have shown that losing weight somehow gives the brain a little more room to breathe. One Swedish study in particular reported that, after just six weeks of steady diet and exercise, the participants had a much easier time storing information as well as retrieving the information when the time came.

While we are unsure if the improved brain function was due to actual weight loss or increased physical activity, the fact of the matter is that getting healthy helps your brain to be healthy too.

#2 | Your relationships may be tested.

This is especially true if your partner or friends maintain an unhealthy lifestyle. While research shows most people are generally happy for their spouses and friends on a weight loss journey, it is possible for feelings of jealousy to arise. Your new lifestyle choices are also likely to cause the people around you to take a look at the way they’re living their own lives. If they’re unhappy with what they see, it is possible for tension to arise.

#3 | You’ll be less likely to get cancer.

Obesity is linked to many types of cancers because it causes inflammation that usually leads to cell changes that begin the growth of cancerous cells. Losing weight lowers the amount of inflammation in the body and reduces that stress on your body’s cells.

As you go about your weight loss plan, make sure your entire body is in good health. Visit an urgent care in Las Vegas for regular check ups or to ask questions and seek helpful health advice. For more information, call 702.852.2000 today.

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