There are many controversial medical theories in the world of medicine today. It is very important to understand what type of theories you may run into that aren’t true, and ones that are! This article will help you understand some common medical theories that, while controversial, are actually very much true. Sometimes, your doctor is actually right!

Theory #1: Smoking will give you lung cancer

The first studies to be done on this subject came out as early as 1939, but most doctors contended that cancer was actually due to other factors such as air pollution until the 1960s. While this one is largely controversial over the years, it has proven to be true.

Theory #2: Bacteria produce ulcers

Physicians Barry Marshal and Robin Warren identified the link between Helicobacter pylori and ulcers in 1982, but the medical community was firm on the fact that the causes were stress and or diet related until the mid-1990s when the NIH actually acknowledged the connection. This bacteria did in fact cause ulcers.

Theory #3: Aspirin lowers risk of heart attack

A California physician named Lawrence Craven first wrote research showing aspirin’s anti-clogging effect on the arteries back in 1950, but his practice of prescribing an aspirin a day to keep heart disease away wasn’t widely used until about 40 years after.

Theory #4: Radiation can be harmful

Research has been done showing X-rays may link to leukemia and other cancers. This was done in 1911, but X-rays, used everywhere from doctors’ offices to shoe stores (yes, this is true!) were generally considered completely safe until the National Academy of Sciences issued a report stating that pregnant women shouldn’t have X-rays.

Theory #5: Cervical cancer is caused by a virus

In the late 1970s, German virologist Harald zur Hausen did research suggesting that the human papillomavirus caused cervical cancer. Many scientist mocked his claim, but in 2008 he won the Nobel Prize for his research – and children today are routinely vaccinated against this virus.

Yes, all of these theories have been proven true! While it’s important to not believe everything you hear from every doctor all over, it’s also wise to be sure you  take precautionary measures if they won’t harm you. If a doctor says there’s a theory that x-rays are harmful to pregnant women, then stay away from them until you can find proof! Better safe than sorry.

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