The human body contains many different functions that help you get through the day and keep you safe from the millions upon millions of germs and bacteria out in the world. To help us keep our bodies running smoothly, we should visit a quick care facility to receive regular check-ups. This will help you understand the baseline at which your body operates and know what your normal levels are.

While we know many of the different functions that your body can do, there are still a lot that the average person is not aware of. To help you gain an understanding of just how impressive your body actually is, we have five facts that you may not know about your body.

5 Interesting Facts about the Body

The Toughest of the Tough

Did you know that the strongest muscle in your body is what allows the vast majority of the population to communicate with the rest of the world? Your tongue, just like your heart, is constantly working. The groups of muscles are not only used to help you formulate words but also move food around in your mouth.

You Are a Digesting Machine

The acid produced in your stomach has the ability to digest most things, even some metals. With this power, it is surprising that your stomach can hold such type of acids. This is because you actually develop a new stomach lining every three to four days. This ensures that your stomach walls do not get dissolved by your stomach acid. If you experience stomach pains make sure to visit the Las Vegas Urgent Care.

You Cannot Be Your Own Tickle Monster

This is good news for all you ticklish people out there. It is impossible for a person to tickle themselves. This is because your body knows the exact time and manner in which you will be touched so your nerves and tissues are prepared. If you are tickled by another person, however, you are unaware of the exact time of contact or the pressures.

Regeneration Powers (Well, Almost)

Your body is continuously repairing and replacing cells. This allows you to heal any parts that may be damaged and to get rid of any defective cells in your body. The only part of your body that cannot repair itself is your teeth. For those injuries that may need some extra help to get fixed, head into your local urgent care facility.

A Breath of Fresh Air

Did you know that your left lung is actually smaller than your right lung? This is to make space for your heart. Your lungs contain many air ways that, when extended can cover up to 1,500 miles. You also contain 300 to 500 million cavities that can cover a total surface of 70 square meters.

Your body is capable of doing many great things that you may not even be aware of. This is why it is important to visit your local immediate care facility to receive regular check-ups. Skip all the lines and schedule a same-day appointment through our Quick Care Pass.

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