tell if it is a cold or the flu before going to an urgent care las vegas nvHave you caught a cold that gave you a runny, stuffy nose, and caused headaches between your eyes and forehead? Maybe you lost your sense of smell and taste, and have a cough or congestion. Chances are good that you had a case of acute sinusitis.

The inflammation of the tissue in your sinuses makes them swollen and red. Now your sinuses are filled with fluid and germs instead of air passing through. The acute sinusitis may have been brought on by a common cold, allergies or other infection. Symptoms last for about four weeks or less.

If you feel the dreaded sinusitis coming on, expect to experience pain or pressure with your stuffy nose. You’ll probably have a constant runny nose with green, yellow or clear discharge. And yes, you’ll feel tired and may have a sore throat or fever.

The good news is, you won’t have to spend the time or money to see a doctor. Acute sinusitis usually clears up on its own, and can be relieved by irrigating your nasal cavity with saline solution in a squeeze bottle or with a neti pot. However, if your mucus is yellow or green, you could have a bacterial infection. If you’re feeling worse, not improving after two weeks or if you’ve gotten a fever, visit your Las Vegas Urgent Care to get checked out. Your Urgent Care physician may recommend antibiotic treatment.

Don’t spend hours waiting miserably in the Emergency Room. Las Vegas Urgent Care allows you to see a physician quickly who can expertly diagnose you and prescribe any needed medications. To see our location and make an appointment at Las Vegas Urgent Care, visit our website.

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