One of the most frustrating aspects about seeking out medical treatment can be the long wait times to see a physician. This is especially troubling when you are battling an illness and feeling under the weather. We do not have control over when our body gets sick and often times it can come at the most inconvenient times. We may not be able to make an appointment with our primary doctor and instead, head to an urgent care facility. At Las Vegas Urgent Care, we exist for one purpose, and that is to serve our patients. One way we serve our patients is by cutting down wait times at Las Vegas Urgent Care.

Schedule an Appointment Using Quick Pass

We understand the need and want to feel better as soon as possible. All staff at Las Vegas Urgent Care are here to offer quick and quality service to help you get back to your normal routine as soon as possible. One way to help cut your wait time when visiting Las Vegas Urgent Care is through Quick Pass.

Scheduling through Quick Pass allows you to set up a same-day appointment. Used as an online check-in system, you can schedule to see a physician with as little as one hour advanced noticed. When you arrive AT the quick care facility, simply head to the front desk and notify the staff of your registration. You will then be placed in the next available exam room, moving to the head of the line.

Ensure You Have all the Information You Need

New patients are welcome to fill out registration forms online and bring them into the urgent care for a smooth and quick process. This will also help cut down your wait time and ensure you will be able to provide all necessary information needed. While you are being examined by the physician, it is important to ask questions and get all necessary information. This can help eliminate the need to return at a later time with questions or concerns.
At Las Vegas Urgent Care our patients always come first. We want to make the process as easy and quickly for you as possible. Schedule an appointment with Las Vegas Urgent Care and get to feeling better sooner.

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