Have you ever wondered why the most wonderful time of the year also happens to be a time when a whole lot of festive accidents also happen? In fact, most emergency rooms and urgent care centers – including those in Las Vegas – seem to spike during the holiday season. And in case you haven’t looked around lately, that season is very nearly upon us!

From the turkey, the tinsel, the family gatherings and the fun-filled parties, we at Urgent Care Las Vegas really love the holidays. That said, we don’t love to see our friends, loved ones, neighbors and fellow community members hurt by a yuletide accident. This holiday season, follow our tips for a safer season!

Holiday Safety Tips From Urgent Care Las Vegas

Be careful with those lights: A common holiday accident stems from the fun tradition of stringing Christmas lights. Weak or unbalanced ladders, tangled cords or exposed wires can all lead to serious injury. So before you decide to trim the roof, grab a friend who can assist you. Make sure your ladder is in good condition and that it’s standing on a level surface. Lastly, make sure your lights are untangled and in good condition BEFORE you climb the ladder.

Keep the lights off: Everyone loves the glowing Christmas tree in the window, but if you’re not at home (or you’re asleep), make sure there’s no glow left! Household fires are a common cause for injury and visits to Urgent Care Las Vegas. Be sure to keep your tree watered frequently to prevent it from drying out.

Diabetic attack: With all those sweets around, it’s easy to consume enough holiday cheer to get your blood sugar seriously spiked. If you have diabetes (and even if you don’t), be extra cautious this time of year on your sugar intake.

Don’t get flustered in the kitchen: Preparing a huge holiday meal can be stressful. And that stress can lead you to frantic actions in the kitchen. Slow down and be calm when cutting veggies, boiling water or removing pots from the oven or stovetop. Your dinner will be much more ruined if you end up in the ER or urgent care!

Ready to have a safe and happy holiday season? Of course, if something does happen to come up, you know your friendly Urgent Care Las Vegas is here to make it better!

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