Las Vegas Urgent Care has a lot to offer to the community.

They are dedicated to helping those who are sick or otherwise afflicted get back to feeling healthy. The things that help make Las Vegas Urgent Care stand out from the rest is that they are convenient, affordable, provide good quality care, they are comprehensive, practical, and they are patient-centered. Las Vegas Urgent Care not discriminate  patients. They will help those who need the help.



When your first go to Las Vegas Urgent Care, you should remember to bring with your, your insurance card or cards, your driver’s license, a list of any medications and dosages that you are taking, as well as money for your insurance co-pay or payment.



When you go to Las Vegas Urgent Care for the first time, there are new patient forms that you are going to need to fill out. The forms you are going to need to fill out are on their website, and they can be completed before your appointment. This will help to minimize the amount of wait time that you have.



Returning patients are very much welcome. If you are a returning patient then you are going to need to fill out the return patient from. This form will ask you for the reason for your visit. This will help the doctors know what is wrong with you. You should also provide the front desk with your updated contact information.



Las Vegas Urgent Care takes many different kinds of insurance. If you provide them with the insurance information they will be able to help submit your visit to your insurance. If you do not have insurance, they are still able to see you. Las Vegas Urgent Care has an online coupon that you can print off which will save you $20.00 on your visit. They also have competitive prices ranging from $120.00 to $370.00 depending on the severity of your visit.


When it comes to your health, you do not need to wait. Las Vegas Urgent Care can help get you the treatment you need in order to get you healthy. If you are sick, contact Las Vegas Urgent Care as soon as possible so you can get the treatment you need.

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