As technology rapidly advances, gaming has become much more interactive and fun. Microsoft Kinect uses a motion sensor camera that offers a new, innovative level of interaction. Gamers weren’t huge fans of the new system, and sales of the Xbox without the camera actually rose. Microsoft is still researching other uses for the technology, which they found might be beneficial for healthcare purposes.



The Kinect is hands-free and encourages full body control. Instead of sitting on a couch using a controller, users have to get involved in the action. The camera is able to watch a person’s movement and give feedback about whether they were doing the exercise correctly. The technology works great for younger people, as well as seniors.

Physical therapy

Because of the feedback functionality, it makes it the ideal technology for at-home physical therapy. The software interacts directly with patients and tracks all their movements, which can then be reported to the doctors. The interactions can even be done in real time.


Surgeons are performing more minimally invasive surgeries with the use of technology. Currently, surgeons use a keyboard and mouse to navigate through a person’s body. Researchers are studying the use of the Kinect in terms of surgery, which would allow surgeons to navigate through the images more effectively and quickly. People would then be on the table for shorter amount of time.

Autism screening and therapy

A software developer created Monkey Business, which is an autism assessment tool. The software uses Kinect and an animated avatar to engage children, and the preliminary tests with the software have been overwhelmingly positive. Currently, the standard tests for autism consists of a therapist asking questions. The monkey is controlled by a therapist that encourages the patient to do activities. Even severely autistic kids still engaged with the monkey.

Virtual group therapy

Group therapy is used to help people who are suffering from alcoholism and PTSD. In many cases, people have a hard time opening up to strangers. The Kinect allows patients to meet up virtually in a truly anonymous environment. People can share their voice and body language, but they won’t have a recognizable face. This could encourage more patients to open up.

Fall prevention

A team at the University of Missouri is analyzing Kinect technology, seeing if it can be used to deliver an early warning regarding an increase risk of falling. The sensors would be worn on a necklace that can track their every move. If working properly, it will be able to detect an elderly person’s movements and determine if he or she is losing balance.

Helping the blind navigate and the deaf communicate

The Kinect technology has shown incredible potential to researchers. It’s extremely possible that it could be used to guide a blind person through a building or translate sign language in real time. The camera can be used to detect 3D objects, while the software tracks a human’s movements.

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