girl running a race in the fog

Temperatures start to fall and so do the leaves. Children head back to school and start fall sports. Splashing in the pool turns into playing soccer, football, and running cross country. Summer fun is replaced by fall homework. Homework, however, is not the only thing kids bring home from school, they also bring home sicknesses…

children playing

Children can have accidents—it’s often a big part of growing up and learning how to survive in this world. At Las Vegas Urgent Care, we are here to help you take care of your child when those issues occur, and to prevent a needed trip to an urgent care center. Learn how your local urgent…


Nobody wants to see their family spend the holiday season wrapped up in bed or, worse still, sent to the local Emergency Room. Unfortunately, the threat of illness is greater than ever at this time of the year, which is why you need to take greater responsibility to keep healthy during the holidays. Follow the…


‘Tis the season to be fluey, and this means you need to be prepared. When flu season starts and ends, there’s nothing nice about being laid up in bed debating whether your cold symptoms are actually flu symptoms. To avoid the flu, you need to start getting ready the moment the weather goes from warm…

common autumn ailments leaves

The season for light sweaters and carving pumpkins is coming up fast, so it’s time to study up on symptoms that could potentially put a damper on your fall fun. These common autumn illnesses couldn’t have worse timing, coming in just when the holiday season is setting in. Find out some fall illnesses to watch…

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