Baby, it’s cold outside! As the winter months continue, it’s only going to get colder. Las Vegas may rarely get snow, but even mild low temperatures can cause your body to react in surprising ways. This week, we discuss some effects of cold weather on your health and why you should stay warm this winter.

Effects of Cold Weather on Your Health


If you already experience frequent headaches and migraines, extreme weather changes could cause more episodes. Some researchers connect bothered blood vessels and circulatory systems to this phenomenon. If you’re prone to migraines, staying bundled up, sleeping on a regular schedule, and eating a diet rich in vitamin D may help reduce the effects of cold weather on your health.

Hair and nails

Hair and nails thrive in warm weather, so naturally during the winter months, they are weakened. You may notice more split ends and broken nails during the colder months of the year. If you’re exposed to cold weather for prolonged amounts of time, your body will use the keratin, usually supplied to assist growing nails, to keep your body warm. Fight off the negative effects of cold weather on your hair and nails by wearing hats and gloves out, and massaging your scalp to increase circulation.


After a long day out in the cold, it’s comforting to return home to a warm fire or heater. Although warmth may be good for the soul, it causes your skin to dry out, no matter the source of the heat. Look for oil-based moisturizers and keep your showers lukewarm to encourage skin hydration this winter.

Immune system

Cold weather causing colds used to be considered an old wives tale. However, a new study suggests that bacteria, which causes colds, are more successful when body temperatures are lower. There is also a belief that the immune system is suppressed during cold weather. The effects of cold weather on your immune system makes your body ideal for catching infections. Wash your hands frequently and focus on a healthy diet to encourage immune health this winter.

If the cold weather has given you the sniffles or made preexisting conditions flair up, call us at Las Vegas Urgent Care at 702-852-2000 and get checked out today!

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