Computers and devices with dim lit screens are a fact of life for this modern age. Unfortunately, if you experience headaches on a regular basis, your time in front of technology could be the culprit. So, your urgent care Las Vegas NV residents trusts has broken down a few of the ways your computer can be causing your headaches and what you can do about the pain.


If you spend a lot of time in front of the computer during your workday, you are likely going to experience eye strain. That is because, after a time, your eyes will have a difficult time focusing on your computer screen. This is especially the case if you have a tendency to sit too close to the screen.

When your eyes strain to focus, they get tired. This excessive eye fatigue is what usually triggers headaches. Eye fatigue can also be caused by the lighting of the computer and your office area.

You can try any of the following tricks to try to alleviate eye strain, fatigue and the headaches that result from them.

  • For every 45 minutes that you are working, take a 10-15 minute break to give your eyes a chance to rest. Take a walk or look outside a window.
  • Turn down overhead lights.
  • If you can’t adjust the lighting in the room, adjust the brightness and contrast of your monitor.


Your posture can also be playing a large part in the development of regular headaches while working at a computer. If the spinal discs in your neck are curved too much too often, headaches tend to occur.

You can try any of the following tricks to try to remedy poor posture and the pain that goes with it:

  • When you’re typing, check your posture and try to relax your shoulders as often as you can remember.
  • Place your keyboard in a position that encourages you to sit up straighter.
  • Adjust the angle of your monitor and and the height of your seat so that you are encouraged to sit up straighter.


It is also possible for the work that you do to be contributing to the development of your headaches. If your work is stressful or you drink a lot of caffeine to get through the day, that can definitely be playing a part in your headaches. Being unable to eat regularly during your workday can play a part as well.

Another Possibility Requires a Quick Care Las Vegas

Although it is not as common, it is possible for your headaches to be caused by computer vision syndrome. This is a condition that usually affects people who spend several hours per day in front of a computer.

You can tell that you are experiencing computer vision syndrome if you often notice that your vision is blurry, you have dry eyes, and your shoulders and neck hurt. In addition to the various pains that can eventually develop into something more severe, you are less productive at work.

The only way to be sure that your aches and pains are related to this syndrome is to visit the best quick care Las Vegas offers to get checked out. For more information about this urgent care in Las Vegas, contact 702.852.2000.

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