Back injuries can place a great deal of stress on our everyday lives, and depending on the severity, can even disrupt your daily routine. The intensity and pain manageability differs for each person. A herniated disk may not be felt by some individuals whereas a muscle strain may bring about excruciating pain.

Because everyone feels pain in different ways, it is important to understand the different types of back pains that can occur and how to best share what you are feeling to your urgent care physician.

What Type of Back Pain do You Have?

Axial Pain

When visiting with your Las Vegas Urgent Care examiner, they will ask you a series of questions to best diagnose the issue you are experiencing. Axial pain is one of the most common forms of back pain. This can be described as a sharp or dull pain that can come and go in one location. One of the most common causes of axial pain includes muscle strains.

Referred Pain

Sometimes it can be difficult to pinpoint the location of your back pain. For example, degenerative disc disease can cause the pain to spread from the lower back and into hips and posterior thighs. Referred pain is often characterized by a dull, achy sensation felt in more than one location.

Radicular Pain

Typically caused by compression and inflammation, radicular pain can be described as a deep, searing pain following the path of the nerve that is impacted. While the source of the problem is located along the spine, your arm or leg may experience feelings of numbness or weakening. Some causes of radicular pain include sciatica, spinal stenosis or spondylolisthesis.
By understanding what type of back pain you are experiencing, you can better describe your situation to your urgent care doctor. This will allow them to better diagnose the cause and construct a personalized form of treatment for your condition. If you are experiencing any form of back pain, schedule an appointment with Las Vegas Urgent Care to be examined by one of our qualified physicians.

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