If you’re like most Americans, the hardest part about eating healthy is making it fit within a tight schedule. You have a busy life, and sometimes, grabbing something quick on the go is a lot easier than figuring out how to work around a wholesome eating schedule that keeps you on track.

This is especially true because clean eating generally involves eating five or six times a day. Even so, we want 2015 to be the year that you keep your New Year’s resolution to be a happier, healthier you. That is why we’ve compiled this quick guide with clean eating tips to help you eat healthy on a schedule.

Clean Eating Tips

#1 | Plan Ahead

Dedicate one day a week to preparing the food you’ll need for the week. Boil a bunch of eggs, chop and slice your favorite veggies and cook a good amount of lean meat. Also prepare a stash of foods that freeze well such as soups and stews and freeze them in individual servings. This way, during the week, all you have to do is grab the meals and snacks you need for the day; no hassle and no fuss. This is a great strategy to help you stay away from fast food meals that derail your success.

#2 | Stock Up

If there’s a particular food you tend to consume a lot of, make sure you always have them on hand. Staples like brown rice, black beans, frozen vegetables, and lean meats should always be in your fridge.

#3 | Simplify

In today’s modern world, its really easy to find food that’s already packaged for your convenience. So, opt for healthy time savers like washed salads and pre-cut vegetables.

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