When You Want To Trust Your Gut

At times of illness or accidents, being the doctors we’re not, we become worrisome as to how bad the affliction really is, and more often than not, are unable to decide whether something is worth calling emergency help. Knowing the basics between urgent care and emergency situations will help you in being familiar with what is essentially needed at the moment, and will also lend a hand in soothing some of your anxiety over less dire circumstances that can be handled at our Las Vegas Urgent Care Center.


Difference Between ER And Urgent Care

The part being why you must know when to call for ER help is because they are fundamentally used for life saving care. They have with them the utilizing tools to keep someone near death or in critical health as stable as possible rather than the equipment used for diagnosis illnesses or common medications. Of course if you are exceedingly wary of the graveness of a situation, you should call for the help to be positively safe. If you believe driving someone to the hospital would take too long or wouldn’t be resourceful enough for the condition they are in, you most definitely should call for intensive care. If you are unable to take yourself to a hospital or doctor because of what plagues you, it is important to call 911 so an ambulance can.



When To Call For Emergency Care

There are symptoms that do acquire the use of emergency medical assistance because they can be the cause of a greater internal problem such as stroke, heart attack, or other organ problems. These symptoms could include severe heart, chest, back, and abdominal pains, or sudden aches, swelling, seizures, and paralysis. Loss of breath, sight, balance, speech or consciousness is concerning enough as well.  The psychical conditions that require immediate care is internal bleeding, deep abrasions, head and eye trauma, dislocated or broken bones, high fevers, recurring vomiting, and severe burns.



When Urgent Care Is Most Appropriate

When something is in need of urgent care, it does not mean that instant medical assistance is needed to save a being. Someone’s life is not at stake with conditions that require urgent care; it simply means you are in need of medical attention at odd hour of the day when you are unable to see a doctor due to lack of appointment or variance from normal business schedules. Some things you should look for to decide whether urgent care is needed are fevers, general sprains, relentlessly sore throats, painful urination or defecation, and vomiting. Because urgent care is relatively an alternative to your normal health care provider when you need it, for ongoing health issues it is best to contact your personal physician, seeing as they would have a more conclusive and accurate determination for your afflictions due to their knowledge of your background and medical history.



Keep Your Cool And Be Prepared

One last significant piece of knowledge that will help keep you safe rather than sorry is to keep a record of consumed medications and their dosage, as well as allergies to any medication either would be apt to give you. Giving your designated doctor this list or record will be very helpful in cancelling out any mishaps that could worsen your condition due to lack of information. Keeping all these facts in mind will give you the upper hand to all the state of affairs your well-being may be put through, and will aid you in coming to the conclusion of which services are needed. If you are in need of urgent care in Las Vegas, contact our friendly doctors at Las Vegas Urgent Care. 


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