The kids are back in school, the temperatures are dropping (slightly), the leaves are falling and pretty soon those noses will be running! If there’s one thing that’s predictable about the fall and winter season it’s that the flu inevitably makes its rounds in our schools, workplaces and homes. So before you spend a few days laid up and missing the fun of fall, visit our quick care location for your seasonal flu shot!

Why Get a Flu Shot From Our Quick Care Location?

The flu season can begin as early as October, so if you haven’t been vaccinated yet, don’t wait! We recommend bringing in your entire family to our quick care location, including all children 6 months of age or older. Your flu shot helps to protect you against the three main flu strains as identified by medical researchers. Once you have your shot, your protection lasts for the entire season.

Once you get your flu shot you’re much less likely to contract the virus. That said, it’s not impossible to still get the flu – or some other virus – this season. To keep yourself and your family healthy, we at your favorite Las Vegas quick care location recommend following these tips:

  • Wash hands frequently: Whether you’re at work, at school, at home or out and about, make a conscious effort to wash your hands frequently. If your kids attend school, make sure to remind them the importance of frequently washing hands during the day.
  • Carry antibacterial gel: While washing your hands with hot soap and water is the best method for keeping clean, antibacterial hand sanitizer can also help to prevent the spreading of the flu and other viruses. Keep a supply in your purse, car or office.
  • If you know of a flu outbreak at your workplace or school, notify the local health department. They can help communicate warnings and tips to help prevent the spread.

Be ready for fall! Visit our quick care location to get your flu shot today!

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