You may have heard a lot of things about Urgent Care, and you may also have a lot of question! Below are complied a list of questions you may be wondering about.

1. When should I come to an Urgent Care?

You can trust Las Vegas Urgent Care to be there for you when you need it. Come here if you:

  • Desire compassionate care when you can’t see your primary care doctor
  • Want cost-effective and reliable alternate route to an emergency room visit
  • Need same-day care when you’re out of town
  • Have a non-life threatening illness or injury – both for children and adults.

2. What conditions are treated at Urgent Care centers?

Our Urgent Care Center treats everything from seasonal allergies, to common colds, to minor injuries. You can also acquire a physical exam, vaccines, or flu shots.

3. Is Urgent Care more expensive than the ER?

Urgent Care is a cost-effective and reliable alternative to a visit to the emergency room. It os often quite a bit less expensive than emergency care.

4. Do I have to make an appointment to be seen at Urgent Care?

You don’t! You can always walk in. You can come in at any time!

5. Will Urgent Care accept my insurance?

We have affordable options available for all patients, and do accept most major insurances.

7. Does Urgent Care offer preventative medicine services (physicals, vaccinations, blood pressure checks)?

Yes! If you don’t have a primary care provider, or if yours is unavailable, we can take care of all these basic medical needs.

8. How long will I wait to see a practitioner?

Wait time can depend on how many patients are at the clinic at the time you arrive. This is because we don’t require appointments!

9. Does Urgent Care treat infants?

Some do, some don’t. Be sure to check before bringing them in. Some centers have a policy of only treating 18months and up.

10. Can I come to Urgent Care if I acquire a work-related injury?

Urgent Care facilities typically accept walk-ins for general and immediate care. They will usually also offer Occupational Medicine and Workers Comp programs.

11. Should I go to the ER? Or can I come to Urgent Care?

Urgent Care is a valuable asset when you need it the most, but will usually just treat minor injuries and general maladies and illnesses.  Severe or life-threatening situations should be handled in the emergency room, because of their ability to ensure you will get in quickly.

We hope this has answered some questions you may have had about urgent care. While urgent care is a wonderful option, be sure to know what other options are available to you in case of a real emergency or crisis situation. Regardless of what happens, Las Vegas Urgent Care will always be there to help with all your general medical needs!

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