Flu strains vary each year, making it difficult to predict what kind of flu season you’ll face year after year. However, you can prepare for every flu season by receiving a shot to hinder your chance of getting sick. Flu shots are available at Las Vegas Urgent Care, and the Center for Disease Control recommends yearly vaccinations for children six months or older and adults of all ages.

While the durationget flu shot with urgent care las vegas nv of flu season varies each year, the peak times for catching the flu usually fall between December and February. Before the flu season hits, it’s recommended to get your shots in October. If you missed the deadline, get one anyway. Should you contract the flu, stay home from work and school to prevent making other people sick.
Children younger than age two, pregnant women and elderly adults aged 65 and over with the flu are at high risk for complications, and should get a check up at Las Vegas Urgent Care to ensure that serious complications from the flu are checked and treated with antiviral drugs. The sooner you seek treatment for complications the less chance you have of a hospital stay, saving you time and money.

As always, staying home when you catch the flu will prevent your illness from spreading and/or getting worse. Wash your hands frequently, especially after visiting a public place like the grocery store where you’ve touched doors, counters, and other objects that many other people have touched. Wipe down your counters and tables regularly with antibacterial cleaning spray, vacuum, and wash your sheets bi-weekly.

For more questions about the 2016 flu season, make an appointment at Las Vegas Urgent Care to get a flu shot so that you can consult with our doctors on what to expect during the last few months of winter in Las Vegas. We welcome walk-ins and appointments. To contact us, visit our website or call 702-852-2000.

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