At Las Vegas Urgent Care, we love our patients. But we also know that you probably don’t want to spend your evening or weekend in a walk-in clinic. Illness and injury are part of life, but there are always ways you can help increase the odds of staying healthy and avoiding the doctor’s office. While we can help treat whatever ails you, we’d rather you stay healthy all year! Here are our top five resolutions for a happier and healthier New Year!

Las Vegas Urgent Care’s Five Healthy Resolutions

  1. Clean everything! You likely do your fair share of laundry, but are you washing those items you use every day? Many people forget to wash gloves, coats and scarves until the end of the cold season, but these can collect germs and pollutants and make you sick!
  2. Cary hand sanitizer: Ideally, you should wash your hands several times a day, and definitely before meals and after using a restroom. But it doesn’t hurt to give yourself a splash or hand sanitizer in-between washing. This can help kill germs that might make you sick.
  3. Eat SUPER well: Staying away from Las Vegas Urgent Care might just be delicious! Consuming superfoods, like chia seeds, acai berries, salmon and many others can help boost your immune system and give you energy.
  4. Get moving: We’re not the first to tell you that exercise is good for you, but we couldn’t leave it out of our list of healthy resolutions. Not only can daily exercise help bolster your immune system, but it also gives you endorphins and helps treat or prevent depression.
  5. Think positively! There’s something to be said for a positive attitude! While it may not keep you away from your friends at Las Vegas Urgent Care permanently, it can do wonders for helping you deal with stress.

Ready for a great New Year? Las Vegas Urgent Care wishes you the healthiest one yet!

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