Your child’s health habits began the second they were born. You want to ensure they’re cared for by someone who puts their health first. Interacting with multiple doctors throughout their lives could be stressful. It may also be stressful having to notify your new doctor of previous conditions and trying to develop a new doctor relationship. There could be a chance that your health records could get lost in this transition process. If you have a family practitioner, however, you may never have to deal with this stress.

Five Ways Your Family Practitioner Will Impact Your Child’s Health Habits

A family practitioner is different than your general practitioner, for they will focus on the needs of your entire family from birth to old age. A general practitioner will focus on your health at any age. The family practitioner will be a friendly face your child will see growing up. Your child will know they’ll have the same doctor who knows them and their symptoms personally.

1. Long-term relationships

The long-term doctor relationship that a family practitioner develops with your child is important. Over time, your kid will become more and more comfortable with their doctor. It’s also nice to know the doctor will have all of your child’s health records, which can affect the quality of care they receive from birth to when they are older.

2. Care for an array of symptoms

If your child has a serious health condition, your family practitioner can care for it. If your child gets chicken pox, the family practitioner can care for them. They can care for multiple symptoms and conditions.

3. Records stored in one place

When your child needs to transfer their medical records to another practitioner, they will not have to go through multiple doctors to get their records. This will come in handy and save time if your child ever wants to change practitioners.

4.  Memory of your child’s conditions

Is it nice to know that your doctor will remember that time your child was sick in kindergarten even though they are 14 years old now? Family practitioners will know your family and child’s health history. They can treat your child according to previous treatments. They can also remind you of changes that could occur or have occurred already.

5. They will look out for your best

Most family practitioners are not restricted to one condition, unlike specialists. But if they can’t take care of the health condition, they will refer you to the best specialist. They will not refer you to just any specialists for your child; they will want the best care for you and your family.

Develop a Strong Doctor Relationship

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