If you’re like many people, knowing just where to go when you have a health problem can be confusing. You need to see a doctor, but what type of doctor do you need? Maybe you just need to see a nurse. Maybe you need x-rays or stitches. Maybe it’s after hours and your situation is not quite emergent but you don’t want to wait another day.

Don’t worry; we know that getting the medical attention you need can be confusing, so we’ll break it down right here by giving you the top five reasons to visit Las Vegas Urgent Care:

1.     It’s after hours: if you have a non-emergent condition (like a sore throat, high fever, cut that may need stiches, or possible sprain or broken bone) and it’s outside business hours, it’s a good idea to pop into our urgent care facility. We have everything you need to get you bandaged up, stitched up, x-rayed, or otherwise feeling better. We’re open earlier and later than most doctors’ offices and you won’t need to bother with fitting an appointment into your schedule or begging your family doctor to squeeze you in.

2.     You need a physical: Las Vegas Urgent Care give you a quick, cost-effective way to get that physical you need for your high school sports team, Department of Transportation position, or other job or activity. We’re experienced with sports and employment physicals so we can have you in and out in no time.

3.     You’re just visiting: If you’re not a Las Vegas resident (and therefore don’t have an established primary care physician), Las Vegas Urgent Care can be a great resource for getting the medical attention you need.

4.     You don’t have insurance: If you don’t have health insurance coverage, give our office a call to see how we can help you.

5.     You can’t wait for an appointment: Leaving town tomorrow, or have back-to-back meetings for the next few days? If you don’t have time to make an office visit with your primary care physician, stop by Las Vegas Urgent Care. Since we serve patients on a walk-in basis, you get to choose when your appointment is.

Need quality care? Come “walk in” to Las Vegas Urgent Care today!

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