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Do you dread seeing the doctor? Part of the reason you may dread it is because of the hours spent in a waiting room. It can be frustrating for anyone to feel unwell and sit in a waiting room with other sick people, crossing your fingers that when the admittance door opens, they call your name.

In a triage waiting room, patients are not seen in the order they arrived at the office but in the order of most wounded or most needing immediate care. For example, if you came in with a sore throat and have been waiting 45 minutes, but suddenly a man came in with chest pains, he would most likely be taken in right away, even though you got there much earlier. Triage waiting rooms can be a gamble if you’re looking for immediate care, no matter your condition.

quickpassWhat is Quick Pass?

Las Vegas Urgent Care highly recommends the Quick Pass program for their patients. Quick Pass’s easy to use system for same day online check-in gets patients on the wait list sooner for same day treatment. A completely optional program, patients can visit our website, input their basic information like name, address and reason for visiting our urgent care.

Patients are even able to request a time they’d like to be seen if they’re on a tight schedule. By notifying our offices in as little as one hour in advance, we guarantee you faster entry of our Las Vegas urgent care.
What you need to do:

  • Visit our website
  • Click on Quick Pass
  • Fill out your information on our short form
  • Arrive at our urgent care a few minutes before your scheduled time
  • Notify the front desk of your online registration

Once the office has gathered your information, you’ll be put at the head of the line for the next available exam room. Save yourself time and hassle by knowing where you stand in the waiting list at Las Vegas Urgent Care.

To make a Quick Pass appointment today, visit our website.

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