Migraines can be extraordinarily debilitating and require much more intervention than common tension headaches. If you suffer from migraines, or you think you may suffer from them, the best course of action is to try to prevent your migraines. Since it’s nearly impossible to prevent migraines entirely, though, here are some steps that can help you get through your next one.

Act fast

Many of the steps you can take to stop or minimize a migraine work best when taken at the first sign of migraine symptoms. For example, some migraines may respond well to medications taken in the first couple hours, but may not respond at all if medications are taken later than that. To do this, it’s important to recognize the warning signs of a migraine. Migraines are often preceded by symptoms of nausea, dizziness, neck stiffness, and irritability. If you employ treatment when you notice these symptoms, you may be able to stop the migraine in its tracks. Another important point is to remain calm. Unfortunately, when you start paying attention to early symptoms of a migraine, you may tend to get in a panic. Anxiety and fear can worsen your migraine, however, or they can turn an ordinary tension headache into a migraine. Relax, and think positively.

Take the maximum safe dosage of medications

Combination drugs that are formulated for migraines may be effective while individual drugs are not. Painkillers don’t often work for migraines, especially for severe one, but they’re worth a try. In fact, at least one study has found that a higher than normal dose of aspirin is almost as effective as prescription migraine drugs. However, even knowing this, is important to not take more than a normal dose of painkillers without talking to your doctor first. This can be very dangerous.

Get a caffeine fix

Interestingly, caffeine has been known to cause headaches, but it also relieves them. The caffeine paradox is readily explained by the mechanism of addiction and withdrawal: caffeine causes migraine by provoking nervous adaptation to caffeine thereby rendering the patient susceptible to headache if caffeine dosing is delayed, and caffeine relieves migraines by reversing caffeine withdrawal. If it relieves your headaches, it stands to reason caffeine withdrawal causes your headaches.

Stop what you’re doing, and relax

Relaxation can relieve migraines for some people. Practice deep breathing or meditation, for example, and minimize your movements. In the long run, it may help to use biofeedback to learn to effectively relax your body and exert some control over its responses.

If you do each of these things, you will be surprised by how simple it is to rid yourself of a migraine. Sometimes headaches are unavoidable, but if you are careful, you will find that you can get rid of them as quickly as possible. If you have any questions, be sure to find a Las Vegas Urgent Care. You’ll be glad to find a chiropractor that has more comprehensive care.

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