Lice is a common condition typically contracted by children. It has been estimated that one in every ten children in school will acquire head lice at some point. This article will help explain what it is, and how to get rid of it.

What are head lice?

Head lice are living parasites that can be found on people’s heads, in their hair. Infection with head lice is called “pediculosis”.

What do I need to know about head lice?

  • Head lice are most commonly seen in preschool and schoolchildren.
  • Head lice are spread by personal contact, or the sharing of brushes, combs, hats, and other types of clothing.
  • Head lice will cause a tickling feeling of something moving in the hair, itching and possible sores on the head.
  • Since head lice spreads so easily, the individual affected should not be the only one treated. This should also include family members, and the entire home.
  • Very young children should see a doctor before they begin medications to combat head lice.

How to get rid of head lice

After seeing a doctor, a medication should be given in order to treat head lice. Follow these steps to remove head lice:

  1. Remove all clothing
  2. Apply the lice medicine according to the instructions. If your child’s hair is very long, you may need a second bottle to ensure that all the hair is covered. It is important to NOT use a cream rinse or shampoo/conditioner before using lice medicine, and to not rewash hair for two days after treatment.
  3. Get rid of the infected clothing, and have infested person put on clean clothes after treatment has been done.
  4. If live lice are still 12 hours following treatment, comb dead and remaining live lice out of the hair. The medicine might sometimes take longer to kill the lice.
  5. If after 8 to 12 hours there are still live lice present in the hair, the medicine may not be working properly. If this is the case, talk to your doctor to acquire a different type of medication.
  6. There should also be special combs found along with the lice medicine that should be used to remove lice and nits (eggs) from the hair. Many flea combs made for pets should also be effective.
  7. After the first treatment, comb, check, remove nits and lice every two to three days until you can be sure all the lice are gone.
  8. Check all treated people for two to three weeks to make sure every last one is gone.

Lice is not a fun thing for you or your child, and may take a lot of work to completely obliterate it. However, it is not life-threatening and is pretty easily treated. Make sure to be aware of what lice might be. If your head is very itchy or you have a lot of signs, it’s a wise idea to check to make sure you have not contracted a lice infestation. As well, if you discover that someone in your child’s class has contracted lice, be sure to take precautionary measures in order to ensure that your child does not become infected.

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