Being a new mom is one of the most exciting things that will happen in your life. Pregnant women know they have to be aware of their health while carrying their child. It is imperative to continue being aware of your health even after giving birth. You want to maintain a healthy lifestyle so you can be around to see you baby grow up. A newborn will take so much of your time that you don’t realize you aren’t taking efficient care of yourself.



Your sleep has been compromised severely with the birth of a new child. You are constantly up in the middle of the night feeding and changing your baby. Take advantage of nap time. Even though newborns sleep very sporadically. It is important that you are getting sufficient sleep. Any chance you get, take a power nap.

Messy home

You are going to become so preoccupied with taking care of your baby that the house will start to look terrible. Don’t worry about it. There are plenty of more important things to worry about then a messy kitchen. This isn’t to say let your house get out of control. You still want to maintain a healthy place of living, so you’ll still want to clean the dishes every once in a while. Stop being a perfectionist. It’s okay to leave dirty dishes in the sink for a few days.

Stretch your back

You just gave birth, your back ligaments are not fully back to normal. It is important to stretch you back frequently to get it back to its natural alignment. This will help reduce or eliminate pain. You are a new mom, and you are probably running around the house. You can’t afford to be put out because of a painful back. This can benefit you and your child in the long run. Also, as your baby grows you are going to need a stronger back. The larger you child grows the heavier and more strain is put on your back. Start building those back muscles now!

Get help

You carried your baby for nine months and had to endure the strenuous labor. You deserve help. Don’t think that seeking help will make you a bad mom. It doesn’t. Everyone needs help. This will keep you sane and help keep you healthy. You need time to work out and shower. The only way you can have this time is if others help you. The options are endless for help. Even if you don’t have other family members, pay money for professional help.


You can become so involved in playing and caring for your baby that you may forget to eat. This is not healthy. You need to keep up with your eating schedule. Also, be aware of what you are eating. For breastfeeding moms, it is helpful to consume an additional 500 calories to your normal diet. Buy baby carrots or healthy granola bars. These are easy to eat and have the appropriate nutrients.

You are in charge of another human being now. It is important that you are in good physical care. If you start to become sick and can’t effectively take care of your new baby, seek Las Vegas health care immediately. For more information about staying healthy or locations of Las Vegas quick cares, contact 702.852.2000.

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