Dealing with a sick baby can be devastating. When you see your baby, your flesh and blood, suffering you want to be able to do everything and anything that you can in order to take the pain away. If your baby is sick, there are some things that you can do in order to help them.



If your baby is sick, you should do what you can to make sure that you give your baby plenty of liquids to help prevent hydration. You should offer your baby the breast or bottle often so that you can provide hydration and comfort. You can also have then drink cool water, but be sure to not give them too much water, especially if they are under eight months. The reason for this is because their kidneys are not nature enough to handle too much water. Breast milk or formula is going to be the best for your baby.



Rest and sleep will help soothe your sick baby. If you can, put your baby to bed early and encourage naps often. Try not to over-stimulate your baby. You are going to want to keep them as quiet as possible.



If your baby’s nose is congested, you can use over-the-counter saline drops, gel, or spray to thin the mucus and relieve congestion. You should check with your doctor first to see which products they recommend. After the nose spray, you should use a nasal syringe to clear your baby’s nose of mucus so that your baby can breathe more easily. You should do this two to three times a day.



Running a cold-mist humidifier in your baby’s room will help to keep the air moist and ease congestion.



Warm baths are soothing to your baby. The warm water will also help to ease aches and pains, and the steam from the warm water will help to clear the congestion. When the bath is over, you should be sure to dry your baby thoroughly in order to prevent chills.



Make sure to keep your baby’s head slightly elevated. This will help to make breathing easier for your baby.



The best way to soothe your sick baby is to provide them with a lot of tender loving care. Hold your baby and engage in quiet play, give your baby a massage or you can read and sing to them. Be sure to hold them close and snuggle with them. Holding your baby is reassuring, not only to them but to you as well.


When it comes to your sick baby, you are going to want to do everything that you can. If your child’s sickness continues or worsens then you are going to want to get the help from your doctor or pediatrician. If you are unable to see your child’s doctor, then you should take your child to Las Vegas Urgent Care. At Las Vegas Urgent Care your child will be seen by a friendly physician who knows how to work with children. Contact Las Vegas Urgent Care today to get the help needed for your baby.

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