Nearly any doctor’s office or hospital is brimming with patients needing care. Las Vegas Urgent Care understands the need for you to get care fast, but we also strive to find a balance between giving you enough time with our doctors to feel like your symptoms and needs are being heard.

Appointments seem to go at lightning speed nowadays. CNN reports the average time a doctor has to spend with each patient is seven minutes. Patients may feel overwhelmed at the appointment, and once they get home, they may start to remember questions they forgot to ask or symptoms and pains they didn’t bring up.

We bring you five tips for getting the most out of your Urgent Care visit:

Do Your Homework Beforehand.

Explore the web by typing in your symptoms and see what comes up. Try to stick to reputable sites and keep an open mind that all these web opinions could still be incorrect for you. Don’t worry too much because your doctor will help you rule out worst case scenarios at your appointment.

Know Your Family History.

Make sure your history is updated at your primary care provider and keep a record on your cell phone, so when you visit an urgent care you can jot down the history quickly on the admission papers. Also, keep a note of each medication you’re taking and how much your dose is.

Keep Notes on Your Symptoms (when they started, when they got worse, how they changed, etc.)

If you got a fever, keep track of when it was at it’s highest and what temperature. If you’re coming in with a weird rash, take a picture of what it looked like two days ago. Concisely explaining your conditions to your doctor will help them understand you much better and diagnose you correctly.

Stay On Track.

Come to your appointment with a bullet point list of your most important symptoms, and a few questions to ask your doctor. Stay focused and answer their questions clearly; it’ll make your doctor’s job easier.

Don’t Be Afraid To Ask For More Information.

If you’re not sure what your doctor is explaining, ask again or get a printed copy of your doctor’s instructions. If you’re not comfortable with a treatment plan they recommend, let them know so they can understand your comfort level.

Never hesitate to get the answers you need to take care of your health. Las Vegas Urgent Care is happy to serve all patients seeking care. Learn about our services or make an appointment at our Urgent Care on our website.

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