If you have ever been woken up in the middle of the night by an extremely sharp pain that kicks off a bad headache, there is a chance you are dealing with a condition called ice pick headaches. Learn more about this excruciating condition and possible treatment options from the urgent care in Las Vegas you trust.

What Is an Ice Pick Headache?

An ice pick headache is a condition that is characterized by short, stabbing and intense pain. Onset of this pain is sudden and painfully surprising. While the pain only lasts about 30 seconds, it is excruciating enough to cause alarm in most people.

The term ice pick headache was actually created by the International Headache Society because of how accurately the phrase describes the condition. The pain can literally feel like an ice pick is being jammed repeatedly into any part of your head over a short period of time.

If you think you may suffer from ice pick headaches, compare your symptoms to this list of diagnostic criteria:

  • The pain comes in stabs that can happen once or multiple times.
  • The pain is felt mostly or completely in the temples, parietal lobe of the brain or the area of the head in and around the eyes.
  • The pain doesn’t last for longer than half a minute and happens irregularly.
  • There are no other symptoms that accompany the sharp pains.

Because ice pick headaches rarely occur at the hand of a more serious condition like tumors, they are considered primary headaches. That means the headaches are the problems that need to be addressed. Because that is the case, there are treatments available to manage the pain of the condition.

How can I treat them?

While ice pick headaches are not caused by more serious conditions, they can be related to other headache conditions like migraines. In these cases, treatment for ice pick headaches is usually included in the treatment for the migraines.

In the event that you experience regular ice pick headaches independently of any other headache condition, there are preventative treatments that tend to work. The main one of these types of treatments is indomethacin.

Just remember that indomethacin is a type of NSAID. This kind of pain reliever does not work with everyone so you want to be sure to discuss your treatment options in detail with a doctor from an urgent care in Las Vegas.

If you are experience head pain of any kind, the best thing you can do for yourself is keep a journal of the pain. This way, when you go in to visit a quick care Las Vegas residents trust, your doctor will have accurate information that will help in treatment. For more information about a trustworthy urgent care in Las Vegas, contact 702.852.2000.

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