When you make a visit to the Las Vegas Urgent care, you will find we make sure to place our patients’ health and wellness our top priority. We want to get you checked-in and treat your symptoms or injuries as quickly as possible so you will be able to get back to your everyday routine in no time. We also understand that it is important that our patients know exactly what is going on and answer any questions they may have. One thing you, as a patient, should never shy away from is asking a question and in fact, we encourage you to ask questions.

Las Vegas Urgent Care: Understand the Diagnosis

In today’s world, many people will use the internet to self diagnose themselves before coming to the urgent care. While this may give you some ideas as to what may be wrong, this can often be misleading. Do not use that information as a means to a solution but rather as a guide to ask your doctor questions.

Explain your symptoms and what results you have come up with, but keep an open mind to what your doctor or examiner speculates. After all, they have years and years of training to properly diagnose your symptoms. You should also ask questions regarding your diagnosis such as what are some possible options for treatment and how can you prevent this from happening again.

Why Did Your Doctor Recommend This Medication or Treatment

Many patients will accept the treatments or medications that the doctor prescribes without a second thought. While many doctors will take the time to explain the reasonings and effects of the medications, it is crucial that you fully understand the reasonings. Do not be afraid to ask about other possible solutions, side effects of the medication and the reasoning behind their decisions to choosing this method of treatment.

At Las Vegas Urgent Care, we take the time to ensure that you get all of your questions answered and you fully understand the diagnosis. We encourage you to ask as many questions as you need. Utilize our quick passes and schedule an appointment to visit the Las Vegas Urgent Care.

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