‘Tis the season for cold and allergies to flare up. Springtime welcomes in fresh flowers, warmer weather and the dreaded pollen and dust allergies. Around this same time, many people also experience flu and cold sickness, which present similar symptoms as allergies. It can be hard to differentiate between cold and allergies, but some key signs will help you figure out what you have and manage your symptoms the most effective way possible.woman-sneezing

What Causes Colds and Allergies

The causes of colds are due to viruses making their way into your body through your nose, mouth or eyes. You can be exposed to these viruses by being in close proximity to someone who has a cold and is sneezing or touching surfaces that contain the virus and then touching your nose, mouth or eyes. Once your body has been exposed to the virus your bodies immune system reacts to fight it off. The response of the attacks on the virus is what present the cold symptoms such as a cough or stuffy nose.

Allergies are the cause of an overactive immune system. Much like a cold, your body reacts to foreign bodies that enter into your system. Instead of viruses, however, your body mistakes harmless things such as dust and pollen for germs and reacts to expel them. When this happens, your body releases a chemical called histamine just as it does when fighting a cold, causing a stuffy nose and sneezing symptoms.

Knowing the differences between colds and allergies can help you decide the best course of action. While many of the symptoms are similar, a few key differences will help you figure out what illness you have.

Cold symptoms may take a few days to present themselves as a cold will begin at the onsight of the allergy trigger. Another key symptom to note is watery/itchy eyes. Allergies will often present watery and itchy eyes while this rarely happens with colds. Aches can also present themselves in colds while they are very rare in allergies.

The biggest indicator of one over the other is the length of time the symptoms last. Colds generally take anywhere from three to fourteen days to be rid of your system. Anything longer than that may be an indicator of allergies or other bacterial illnesses. Allergy symptoms can last for days or months, depending on how long you are exposed to the allergy triggers.

If you are unsure about the causes of your symptoms, head into Las Vegas Urgent Care today. We will be able to diagnose your symptoms and help you to feel better as quickly as possible as well as prescribe medication to ease some of the symptoms you may be experiencing. Learn about our services or make an appointment at our Urgent Care.

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