There’s nothing like the holiday season when you’re a kid. From the excitement to spotting Santa at the mall to baking Christmas cookies with Grandma and writing wish lists to send to the North Pole, no child should have to miss a moment of the magical Christmas season. That’s why it’s important to make sure that your kids stay healthy this winter. Unfortunately, the holidays arrive around the same time that many viruses – including the flu – start circulating through schools and communities. Keep your holidays merrier this year by following these tips from your Las Vegas quick care friends.

Las Vegas Quick Care Health Tips to Keep Kids Healthy

Sleep: You may think your child always gets enough sleep, but with all the parties and events that happen this time of year, it’s easy for kids’ to get their sleeping schedules out of whack. Make sure your entire family is getting at least seven hours a night to help avoid a trip to your Las Vegas quick care provider.

Healthy Nutrition: Overloading on junk is especially easy during the Christmas season. With treats and goodies available at school, parties and even at home, you may be overlooking your kids’ nutritional needs without even knowing it. Make sure that, among the treats, your kids are getting proper amounts of proteins, veggies and fruit.

Wash Hands! Teaching your children the habit of frequent hand washing is always important, but it can really help them stay healthy during the winter months. Teach kids how to properly wash their hands and instruct them to do so after they use the restroom, before meals, after they sneeze or anytime they feel dirty.

Flu Shots: A simple flu shot can help your kids avoid days or weeks of down-time, which is devastating for kids this time of year. If you haven’t gotten your family vaccinated yet, stop by your Las Vegas quick care center for a flu shot today.

From our family to yours, have a safe, merry and healthy holiday season!

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