When you are preparing for your summer vacation, keep your health in mind. It’s easy to forget necessary health care when you are going on vacation. You are so encompassed in having fun and relaxing that you forget the potential health hazards that traveling could pose. Always be prepared for the worst. You don’t want your vacation to be ruined by something that could have easily been avoided. Here are a few tips to maintain optimal health while traveling.

Get your shots

If you are traveling out of the country, it is imperative that you receive all the necessary vaccinations. Talk to your doctor a few months prior to your travels. This allows time for the vaccination to take into full effect by the time of your trip. It is especially important that you get all your vaccinations prior to traveling to South America or Africa. Diseases like yellow fever are more common in these places and can be highly contagious without proper vaccination. Getting a vaccination also depends on how you are traveling. If you plan on traveling in a large group or taking certain modes of transportation you may be more prone to catching diseases.


Be careful what you eat

Some countries don’t properly cook their food or clean their water. This can lead to gastrointestinal problems. Be wary of the food you are eating. If your order food native to the country be prepared that your digestion system might not be able to handle it. Living in the US, our foods are cooked very differently than some countries so your body won’t recognize foreign food. Try to avoid buying from street vendors. They are not very clean and the food may be poorly prepared. Always eat at clean restaurants for the best chance at avoiding any problems.


Watch out for insects

Different countries have different insects. Some of which you as an American have never encountered before. If you do get bit from an insect you could get malaria, yellow fever or dengue fever. Take the necessary precautions. Wear long socks and long sleeve shirts. Actively use repellents on your clothes and bedding. Mosquitos tend to come out during dusk and dawn. Try to avoid going outside during these times of the day.


Keep good personal hygiene

Constantly wash your hands while you are abroad. This is the simplest way to avoid contracting any illness. Keep hand sanitizer on you at all times. This way even if you are not by a sink, you can still get rid of germs. In questionable foreign countries, wash/sanitize your hands after touching anything. Whether it is a doorknob or an animal, stay on top of cleaning your hands.

If you do contract an illness while you are abroad, go to a quick care in Las Vegas immediately after returning home. It is imperative that you do not wait to see a health care professional. An illness from a foreign country could be very dangerous. For more information about Las Vegas health care, contact 702.852.2000.

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