“Help! I’ve fallen and I can’t get up.” We all know these commercials oh too well. Although the commercials seem silly and full of bad of acting, these devices are actually extremely beneficial for the elderly.

Some of you may be thinking why not just get your elderly parents a cell phone. Well, sometimes the elderly don’t know really understand how to use cell phones. These devices are fairly simple. If the person has fallen, he or she just presses the button to alert emergency personnel. In addition to not knowing how to use it, the elderly don’t have their cell phones glued to their hands like the younger generation does. What good is a cell phone if it’s in the other room when a fall occurs? Medical alert systems are worn around the neck so the person will never lose it and always has it with them.

When it comes to fees, these devices are just as convenient as cell phones. Upon purchasing the alert system, you will decide what plan you want. In addition to monthly fees, you will have to pay activation and cancellation fees. The cost of the system varies from brand.

The medical alert systems also differ in how they work. Some are able to detect when a person has fallen and automatically alert emergency personnel. Others have a button that needs to be pressed in times of emergency.

In addition to how the devices work, some medical alert systems call 911 directly while others contact a monitoring center. You may be tempted to get your elderly parents an alert system that contacts 911 directly because this would allow emergency personnel to get there quicker. The monitoring center is beneficial because in addition to contacting 911, they also contact the elderly person’s emergency contacts. As their child, you can be notified right away when your parent has experienced a fall. If 911 is the only one contacted, it could be a long time until you find out what has happened.

Contacting a monitoring center first will also prevent the overuse of 911 services. In some cases, the elderly person may need assistance but not necessarily from medical professionals. If the fall did not cause injuries, then it’s likely they will only need the assistance of a family member rather than an ambulance. Contacting emergency services too often for non-emergency cases can cause them to prohibit calls from medical alert systems.

If your elderly parents live alone, you may feel that a medical alert system is necessary. It’s a good alternative to moving them into a nursing home or with you because it still allows them to be independent. Informing your parents that they should get a medical alert system may not be easy. Many may oppose it, so you might have to get a doctor involved.

If your parent has contacted you because of a fall, you should take them to the nearest quick care clinic in Las Vegas. Las Vegas Urgent Care offers quicker wait times than emergency rooms. No appointment is necessary and the doctors provide quality care to every patient. For more information about the quick care clinic in Las Vegas, contact 702.852.2000.

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