The holiday season, or the giving season, is a time when we stop thinking about ourselves and begin thinking about others. Although taking care of those around you can be rewarding, be careful not to get too caught up in the joy of giving that you ignore your own telling medical symptoms. We’ve compiled a list of important medical symptoms you should have checked out immediately at an urgent care center, instead of chalking it up to stress and the changing weather.

Medical Symptoms You Should Never Ignore


If you’ve been feeling discomfort in your chest, it’s important to know when to visit an urgent care facility. Contrary to what may be shown in movies and television, heart attacks don’t usually occur out of nowhere. Most of the time, your body will begin to warn you with subtle signs. Patients report feeling a squeezing, pressure in the middle of their chest, which goes away after a few minutes, only to return later. If you’ve experienced this, especially with the combined symptoms of shortness of breath and cold sweats, get help immediately.

Pain in the stomach can also be a telling medical symptom. If pain persists for a few days, no matter how mild, it should be checked out by a doctor. It could be something simple like allergies or constipation, or more severe like appendicitis or Crohn’s disease.

Weight loss

If you’re losing weight after lifestyle changes like diet and exercise, then a visit to the doctor is unnecessary. However, if you’re losing weight without making any lifestyle changes, it could be medical symptoms of a serious disease like diabetes or hyperthyroidism.

Weight loss caused by a sudden change in appetite, like feeling full without eating much, should also not be ignored. Especially if followed by vomiting or nausea, these medical symptoms could signify peptic ulcers or something more serious like pancreatic cancer.

“Going” too much or too little

Excessive urination isn’t something to call the doctor about right away unless it continues. You could have a mass pressing against your bladder. They are usually benign, but still worth getting tested.

Changes in bowel movements, like occasional constipation, is normal. However, if constipation continues for more than two weeks, if you notice blood in your stool, or if you notice sudden changes in size and color of movements, call your doctor right away. It could be due to stress or it could be medical symptoms of something serious like Parkinson’s disease.

Horrible headaches

Although headaches are never comfortable, the kinds of headaches that should be taken as your body sending out an SOS are sudden and worse than any pain you’ve ever experienced. It could be your body exhibiting the medical symptoms of burst blood vessels or an aneurysm. You should get help right away, as these are very serious medical conditions.

Sudden confusion and changes in personality aren’t all in your head either. If you’ve experienced this, it could mean a possible brain tumor or bleeding in the brain.

Call Las Vegas Urgent Care

If you’ve experienced any of these significant medical symptoms, use Las Vegas Urgent Care’s QuickPass service today, to make your appointment. We triage patients with urgent health care needs ahead of all other patients.

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