If you are active in a sport or other form of physical activity on a regular basis, sports related injuries can become a common occurrence. There are many causes of injuries, and if you are engaged in a high contact sport, the risks of injury can increase. While some mild injuries can be treated at home, others require attention and evaluation from a professional before you return back to any form of physical activity.

The main causes for sports-related injuries are accidents, poor training practices, improper gear or a lack of preparation such as warming up and stretching before engaging in activities. If you get hurt during a sporting event, stop playing immediately. Do not try to work through the pain as you can worsen the injury and require more intensive care and recovery time to repair any damages.

The Most Common Sports Injuries

Sprains and Strains

Most sports involve quick movements and reflexes, which can place a great deal of pressure on joints. Sprains are an injury to a ligament or tendon in your joints. The most common sprains occur in your ankles. The tough bands that hold your bones together, called ligaments, take a sudden twist or are stretched too far. If the strained ligament stretches too far, the band may tear requiring surgery to repair the area. Sprains can become more common if you run or walk on uneven surfaces or have had previous strains in the past. Signs of a sprain include pain, swelling, limited mobility, bruising and instability in the joint.

Muscle Injuries

Muscles also become injured if they are stretched too far or sudden jolts of movement are taken without proper preparation. Pulled muscles stem from fatigue, overuse or improper muscle use. If you combine sports such as weightlifting and a high-intensity sport, muscle strains may result because of an uneven amount of strengths to complimenting muscles. If one muscle is worked out constantly but the counterpart is ignored, this causes a muscle strain. Symptoms of muscle strains include sudden onset of pain, soreness, limited mobility, fatigue or lack of movement altogether.


Concussions are brain injuries that happen when significant force hits your head. They are most common in high impact sports such as football, soccer, rugby, wrestling, boxing, hockey or sports that require inverted movements such as gymnastics and cheerleading. Just as with sprains, you are at a higher risk of receiving a concussion if you have had one in the past. Symptoms of concussions include nausea, difficulty concentrating, lack of balance, amnesia and headaches.

If you receive a sports injury, be sure to seek out medical attention for evaluation. If you feel that the injury is more severe, head to the emergency room or seek immediate medical help. Las Vegas Urgent Care is equipped to diagnose and treat injuries, allowing you to heal properly and return to your sport as soon as possible. Las Vegas Urgent Care exists for one purpose: to serve patients. Learn more about our services or make an appointment at our Urgent Care.

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