Fell off a bike? Had a run-in with a chef’s knife? Cuts to the skin can be pretty painful – but they can also require medical attention depending on the severity. At Las Vegas Urgent Care, we are able to treat cuts on-site and even get you stitched up, if need. Our quick care clinic has everything you need to make sure your painful accidents don’t become even worse.

Need to See a Quick Care Clinic Doctor for Your Cut? Here are Five Tips:

  1. If you’ve been cut, make sure you stop the bleeding as quickly as possible. While deeper cuts may bleed longer than more superficial cuts, you can help stop the bleeding by applying firm pressure with a damp washcloth or paper towel. Do this for about five minutes, then check to see if you’re still bleeding. If so, it may be time to head to the Las Vegas quick care clinic.
  2. cut, but you’ll want to determine whether the injury is a laceration, meaning that you have a longer skin opening. Puncture wounds are those caused by an object impaling your skin. You may also have a reopened surgical wound or an avulsion, meaning that the skin has torn.
  3. Determine whether you need to head to a quick care clinic for stitches. As a good rule of thumb, you may need stitches if the cut is more than ¼ inch deep, or if you can see any yellow fatty tissue or bone tissue.
  4. Examine the width of the wound. If the cut cannot be easily pulled together so the split skin touches, you likely need stitches.
  5. Consider the location of the wound. If your cut is in a place where you tend to have a lot of movement – near a joint or on a hand – you may need stitches in order to keep the cut closed.

Don’t worry; for non-life-threatening cuts, you won’t need to wait at the ER. Come see us in our Las Vegas quick care clinic and we’ll get you all stitched up.

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