Las Vegas Urgent Care is equipped with the ability to handle most situations from illnesses and injuries to regular physical examinations. In the event of an injury and urgent care is needed, Las Vegas Urgent Care offers fully trained staff equipped with digital x-ray capabilities that will allow you to receive fast results and diagnosis.

Advantages of Digital X-Ray Over Film

X-ray has been around for a long time and has been an innovative way for doctors to examine the inside of people’s bodies without the need for surgery. The technology for x-rays works similarly to the technology in a camera. An image is taken and printed on a film. The film then had to be developed in a dark room much like the film from a camera and then the image would appear to be examined.

As time went on, technology advanced and now camera images were becoming digital. There was no need to have the film sent out to be developed. You can take a picture and immediately upload the image to your computer. You can even manipulate the image to become clearer or expand to focus on one area of the image.

Just as the technology for the camera advanced, so did the x-ray. Today, digital x-rays allow technicians to have the image on their computers and manipulate them to become more clear and focused for doctors to examine. As compared to traditional x-rays, digital ones are faster, clearer and safer to use. In order to produce the image, far less radiation is needed compared to traditional methods. Because the film does not need to be sent out to be developed, doctors can receive the results more quickly and eliminate the need for hazardous chemicals and unnecessary environmental waste.

At Las Vegas Urgent Care, all digital x-rays are read by a professional radiologist on staff to ensure a clear image and proper diagnosis. This will allow you to know the problem sooner and begin a course of action that will get you back to your everyday routine as quickly as possible. Schedule your appointment online to stop by our Urgent Care in Las Vegas at your best convenience.

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