What is Phlebotomy?

The practice of phlebotomy is the drawing of blood or starting of an IV. There are not many people who are fans of having being stuck with needles for having blood drawn. While this is true, it may be something that needs to be done while in the urgent care. Blood work can be vital in order to determine a patient’s condition and what treatment may be required. A phlebotomists is a technician in the medical profession who is specially trained in drawing blood. A good phlebotomist will do everything possible in order to make the process comfortable in an uncomfortable situation.

Phlebotomists are trained to draw blood for clinical or medical testing as well as for transfusions, donations, or research. Phlebotomists also collect blood by performing fingersticks to collect smaller quantities of blood. Blood collected from infants is typically done by means of a heel stick.

The duties of a Phlebotomist also include properly identifying patients, interpreting tests, drawing blood into correct tubes with proper additives, and accurately explaining procedures to patients. A phlebotomist will also work to prepare patients for blood work with the required forms of asepsis, practicing standard precautions, performing skin/vein puncture, withdrawing blood into tubes, restoring hemostasis of the puncture site, instructing patients on post puncture care, delivering specimens to a laboratory in a specified manner, ordering tests per the doctor requisition, affixing tubes with labels, and giving specimens to a Clinical Laboratory Scientist

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