Yesterday, we shared part one of a first aid guide that covered how to access your victim,  check their ABC’s and how to address an allergic reaction while waiting for the emergency care Las Vegas trusts.

Back and Neck Injuries

If someone suffered a blow or fall that resulted in the injury of the back or neck, the right first aid can help prevent unnecessary pain and paralysis.

You can tell if someone has a back or neck injury because they may be unconscious, have difficulty breathing, pain, swelling, less feeling, or paralysis.

To treat:

  1. Call EMS.
  2. Do NOT move the victim.
  3. Check ABC’s. Only move the victim now if it is absolutely necessary to keep them alive. Have a team of people to help you turn over the victim while keeping the neck and spine stabilized.
  4. Stabilize the head in the position it was found to prevent further injury. Use rolled up towels, blankets or clothing to create a barrier around the head, neck and shoulders. If the victim is lying on their back, try to slide a cloth under the victim’s neck to help maintain the same arch until EMS arrives.

Bites and Stings

The venom from a bite or a sting can either cause serious issues or mild irritation. Until you know what you are dealing with, follow these steps:

  1. Remove the stinger by flicking it or scraping it out with a credit card. Don’t squeeze the stinger to get it out. You can end up sending more venom into the victim.
  2. Wash the area with warm, soapy water.
  3. Put an ice compression on the sting to reduce inflammation and lower the sting below the heart.

If the victim was bitten by an animal, call animal control. They may need to be treated for rabies. If the wound isn’t too severe, wash it with soap and water then wrap with sterile dressings and bandages. If the wound is bleeding badly, don’t wash it. Apply pressure to stop the bleeding and wait for an EMS from the urgent care Las Vegas NV trusts.


Follow these tips to reduce or stop bleeding in a victim until the EMS arrives.

Apply direct pressure to control the bleeding. Places a clean cloth, diaper or sanitary napkin over the wound. If possible, put on gloves and press down on the dressing-covered wound. Keep pressing until the bleeding stops. If the dressing starts to become saturated, don’t remove it. Just add more layers and keep pressing.

If this doesn’t stop the bleeding in five minutes, have the victim lie down. If possible, raise the wound above the heart if there seems to be no broken bones. Press down on the brachial artery if the wound is on the arm, or press down on the femoral artery if the wound is on the legs.

Of course, this guide is just the tip of the first-aid iceberg. Without certified medical training, you’ll need to visit an urgent care Las Vegas NV trusts to get the right treatment for your injury. For more information about an emergency care Las Vegas visits most, contact 702.852.2000.

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