If you’ve experienced an injury or illness, waiting around in a lobby can be a pain. You’re hurt or uncomfortable—the last thing you want to do is wait for care! That’s why we’ve created a special online check-in feature, called Quick Care Las Vegas. Discover how you can shorten your wait time drastically by making an appointment online first!

Need to Move to the Head of the Line? 

By using our quick care, you can move all the way up to the head of the line and will be seen by our next available employee. The Quick Pass system allows you to pick and choose the time that works best for you. Once you arrive, simply notify the staff of your online registration!

New to Quick Pass?

We ask that all new patients fill out the necessary paperwork. With Quick Pass online, it’s much easier! The online check-in process allows you to complete the comprehensive paperwork ahead of your appointment to save time. This allows for quicker service, so you can return to your daily routine.

If you’re returning, you’re in luck! If you’re already in our system,  all you’ll need to do is update us on your reason for the visit scheduled the day of your appointment. 

Services offered with Quick Pass

With Quick Pass, we offer services for a variety of medical conditions and illnesses. These range from minor cuts and abrasions to work-related injuries and respiratory infections. Our staff is equipped to deal with all types of urgent care services. Additionally, we offer other diagnostic capabilities, such as x-rays and urine testing and several others.

Get the Care You Need—Fast!

Use Quick Pass today to skip the line and to receive quality health care. You can also visit Las Vegas Urgent Care to learn more about first aid tips regarding dehydration, bug bites, and heat stroke during these hot summer months.

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