During Spring Break, thousands of college kids across the country love to go out drinking and partying, enjoying their week of non-educational bliss. It’s essential that when you’re in environments that may have alcohol, you need to be proactive and be knowledgeable of what the signs of alcohol poisoning are.

Dangers of Alcohol Consumption

According to the U.S. National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA), each school year, college-aged students will die each year from alcohol-related injuries. These accidents include death from alcohol poisoning. Learn some more facts about alcohol consumption and how to avoid over-doing it.

What is binge drinking?

Binge drinking varies in males and females. For women, this heavy drinking means consuming at least four drinks; for men, it’s five drinks in the period of a few hours. Binge drinking is now a significant problem in the United States.

According to NSDUH, approximately 5.1 million people reported binge drinking every month. The study shows when people binge drink, the result is an increase in health issues like high blood pressure and heart attacks.

There’s a misconception that giving caffeine to someone who drank a lot of alcohol can help. This is hazardous because caffeine covers the effects of alcohol and keeps people from knowing their actual level of intoxication.

How alcohol affects your body

There is a massive debate on alcohol consumption and how it affects your body. When you binge drink, all of the effects are detrimental to your overall health. When drinking a lot of alcohol at a young age, you’re damaging your brain. There have been studies that when young people drank heavily, there was evidence of nerve tissues destroyed.

When you are in college, your brain is still developing. Other studies have concluded that heavy alcohol consumption can result in long-term damage to the brain. It affects memory, coordination, and movement.

The alcohol myth vs. fact

When you aren’t binge drinking, moderate drinking may have some heart benefits. There was new research found by the American Association for the Advancement of Science’s annual conference that suggests moderate alcohol may equate to an extended period of living.    

Signs of Alcohol Poisoning Symptoms

With massive alcohol consumption, combined with being in the sun all day, you may be susceptible to suffer from alcohol poisoning. It’s important to watch out for the warning sign of alcohol poisoning to take possible preventative measures.

There are ways to identify alcohol intoxication. Symptoms include signs of slurred speech and blurred vision. If symptoms progress and someone is vomiting, and loss of consciousness occurs also, there is a definite cause for concern.

Alcohol poisoning treatment

If a friend is suffering from any severe symptoms, try to keep them conscious and awake. You don’t want them to risk them slipping into a coma.

The best thing to do is to give them water at this point because alcohol causes the body to become dehydrated. The main thing is to stay emotionally stable when helping someone with alcohol poisoning.

While you’re waiting for an ambulance to arrive, place the intoxicated person on his or her side. Doing this will help prevent them from choking in case they vomit. Do not leave the drunk person alone. Stay with them until emergency personnel arrives.

Don’t Wait…Signs of Alcohol Poisoning Are Serious

Do not always trust your friends when they say they aren’t “that drunk.” People won’t realize on their own how severely or life-threatening alcohol has affected them. Also, don’t wait for all the symptoms to arise before seeking medical attention. If your intoxicated friend presents even one sign, help them immediately.

For tourists and locals having fun in Las Vegas, be safe and be aware. If anything goes wrong, emergency personnel can take you urgent care in Las Vegas for further treatment.

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