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It’s never a time that we look forward to. An accident happens and then you have to go to the emergency room. And the emergency room wait times are always ridiculous. Whether you have recently been in a car accident, or you are experiencing symptoms that are making your body shut down, if you are uninsured, you might think your only choice is to visit a hospital. The result here would be enduring emergency room wait times and emergency room bills. However, thanks to technical advances, you can now be treated for more in a quick care clinic.

Stay Away from the Emergency Room Wait Times

Quick Care Clinic Options

Las Vegas Urgent Care lets you access a Quick Pass that has functions as a same day online check-in system.  When you arrive at our location, we have a caring and knowledgeable staff. Our expert emergency staff will determine your condition and decide on any necessary treatment. Our goal at Las Vegas Urgent Care is to make your experience as easy as possible in your time of need. To be realistic, time will vary, depending on what type of treatment or tests you need.

Why Urgent Care is the Better Option  

When it comes to ER wait times, Las Vegas patients can expect to wait anywhere from two to six hours. Depending on your condition’s severity, you might not even speak to a doctor. Since emergency rooms have a constant rotation of serious injuries, doctors may be preoccupied, leaving non-life threatening injuries and illnesses to be treated by nurses. At Las Vegas Urgent Care we will want to see you as soon as possible. And we are prepared for whatever obstacle has come into your life.

Las Vegas Urgent Care services

Las Vegas Urgent Care offers in-house testing and diagnostics, so you can be treated all in one visit. We treat acute non-emergency medical problems, as well as the following health concerns, which usually require diagnostics from an outside facility:

  • Splints, suturing, and other minor procedures
  • Digital X-rays
  • Work and auto-related injuries

Visit a Quick Care Clinic without Emergency Room Wait Times

If you’re in need of care and want to avoid the long emergency room wait times, call us at Las Vegas Urgent Care today at 702-852-2000 or visit us online and use our QuickPass service.

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