It is generally understood that, while antibacterials are helpful in keeping humans healthy, they are also doing their fair share of damage. Every year, bacteria become more and more resistant to all the germ fighting soaps, lotions and gels that are on the market. Also, the good bacteria that keep us healthy are putting up quite a fight against all those antibacterial products as well.

New strides in bandage technology may be finding a way around this complication. Researchers are developing a bandage that would be able to tell the difference between good and bad bacteria that kills only the bad germs.

This is beneficial for a number of different reasons. The bandage will help people keep themselves healthier. Since the technology targets the bad germs and protects the good bacteria that keep us healthy, it can be assumed that immune systems won’t be so compromised and will be able to better fight off infection.

How It Works

The science behind the bandage is expected to be successful because it is developed to target the way bacteria behave. For example, when bacteria gets into the body, it targets healthy cells. It makes people sick by infiltrating the wall of the cell by releasing toxins. Once it is in the new cell, it multiplies and begins the process again hunting for other healthy cells. That is, essentially, what causes illness and infection.

The bandage stops this process by tricking the bacteria. The bandage is made with little structures that fundamentally are very much like cells. So the bacteria go to attack these tiny sacs. When the toxins break the surface of the sac, the antibacterial is released and the bad germs are killed.

This technology is also what makes it so that researchers don’t have to try to specifically target resistant strains of bacteria. The bacteria come to the bandage so that specification becomes unnecessary while also increasing the effectiveness of the bandage.

Since good bacteria don’t participate in this hunt, they are not likely to ever get in contact with the antibacterial substance in the bandage. Good guys: 1, bad guys: 0. If you have kids, you can see how this technology would be an exciting step in health care. Children seem to manage to hurt themselves in the strangest of ways. Imagine how many trips to a pediatric urgent care Las Vegas trusts that can be avoided once this technology hits stores.

Unfortunately, products that are related to health care undergo a long testing process. The good news is that the prototype has already been made and is working well according to researchers. Because of safety and compliance testing, the general public probably won’t see the product an urgent care Las Vegas NV relies on until 2017.

In the meantime, head to the best urgent care Las Vegas NV has to offer to ensure you and your family are well taken care of. For more information about the urgent care Las Vegas NV loves, contact 702.852.2000.


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