A diagnosis of a chronic illness can be devastating for the patient’s and their family. It’s especially hard for young patients dealing with a severe illness. While going through treatment patients feel a mixture of emotions between depression and isolation. Fortunately, with today’s technology, patients don’t have to feel alone anymore. Social media has given young patients an easy way to deal with their illness without feeling so alone.

A young teenager tells her story of her fight against leukemia. Clarrisa Schilstra was first diagnosed with leukemia at 3 years old, ten years later she relapsed. During her second fight against cancer, she and her family wrote about the journey on CarePages. Her treatment lasted over two years. By constantly updating her blog, Clarissa felt more at ease with her illness.

The blog allowed her to easily keep her friends and extended family up to date on her condition. She no longer had to worry about calling or emailing everyone individually. Everyone that visited her page left her loving and encouraging comments. The support helped Clarissa remain positive.

Through CarePages, Clarissa was able to find two other girls close to her age suffering from the same illness. They starting writing to each other on a regular basis. They provided each other with advice and support. Ultimately, having friends that understood what she was going through was helpful.

Doctors claim that if patients are in remission for five years, they are likely in the clear. Clarissa relapsing ten years later was fairly rare. Because she hadn’t met anyone going through the same thing before joining CarePages, she felt very alone. Knowing that she wasn’t the only one who suffered from a rare relapse gave her the strength to fight it.

After successfully beating cancer a second time, Clarissa became inspired to reach out to more teens suffering from chronic illnesses. In 2011, she created Teen-Cancer, which she still updates today. Her site gives advice and encouragement to other teens.

She believes that social media should be provided to patients by healthcare professionals upon diagnosis. It allows patients to open up and make friends more easily. Sure, there are support groups for patients, but sometimes patients feel so ill they can’t get out of bed. Social media allows patients to meet with other people from the comfort of their home or hospital bed.

She explained that Twitter and Facebook were the most useful social networking sites. You can easily search for groups, which allowed her to find several teen cancer organizations. By joining those groups, she has made life long friends. Together they help new teens that get diagnosed with a similar illness.

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