Chances are, if you hurt yourself, you aren’t all that interested in the technical name for the injury. You want the pain to go away so you head on over to an urgent care in Las Vegas that knows how to quickly address sprains and strains.

While that isn’t a bad thing, it is wise to know the difference between a sprain and a strain. Contrary to popular belief, a strain isn’t a mild form of a sprain. The different injuries actually affect very different parts of the body.

The main difference is that a sprain is an injury that affects a ligament. A strain affects the muscle or the tendon. You can determine whether an injury is a sprain or a strain by paying attention to when you feel pain. If the pain comes when the muscle contracts, you have a strain. If there isn’t really pain until there is weight on the injured area, you have a sprain.

Degrees of Injury

Since both injuries feel very similar when they happen, the severity of both is classified in degrees.

First Degree

This degree of sprains and strains isn’t very severe at all. There isn’t much pain and there is rarely bruising or swelling. That can make it difficult to determine where the injury happened.

Because of the lack of severity, the pain usually goes away in a few days. Just ice the injury for the first day or two. Over the course of a couple of weeks, gradually put more pressure in the injury to aid with healing. On average, it takes about 2 weeks to fully heal from a first degree injury. That may take a little longer if the injury is in an area that is used a lot like the legs or shoulders.

Second Degree

A second degree strain or sprain involves the tearing of a muscle or tendon that is pretty severe but doesn’t completely rupture. If the tear is in the muscle, there can be a lot of pain. You can feel the pain when your muscles contract. If it is a sprain, you won’t notice quite as much pain until enough pressure is put on the affected area.

You can tell you have a second degree sprain because there will be bruising and swelling in addition to the pain. You also won’t be able to put as much weight on the area that was torn.

The best way to treat this degree of sprain or strain is with ice, compression and rest. Massages and physical therapy can also help to make sure the injury heals completely with no complications. If you are worried that it may be more severe than a second degree, stop by an urgent care Las Vegas NV relies on to get it checked. The total time for healing is usually an average of about 8 weeks.

Third Degree

This is obviously the most severe of sprains and strains. The muscle or tendon tears completely apart, and surgery is usually needed to put them back together. That is because, when the muscle or tendon separates, the two pieces tend to roll up and away from each other so natural healing becomes impossible.

Naturally, this is a very painful injury to obtain. However, once the initial injury happens, there usually isn’t much pain after that. Even if it doesn’t hurt, it is important to go to the hospital. If you rupture a muscle or tendon and don’t get to the urgent care Las Vegas NV trusts, you can set yourself up for permanent damage.

Once the injury is repaired, a lot of rehabilitation is needed. Depending on where the injury occurred, it can take as long as a year to heal completely.

To be safe, have someone take you to the best urgent care Las Vegas NV has to offer for all your injuries. Self diagnoses are rarely as accurate as your body needs them to be. For more information about an urgent care in Las Vegas, contact 702.852.2000.


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