You have likely heard of sprains and you have likely heard of strains, but do you know the difference? A lot of people get the two confused.

A sprain is a stretch and/or tear of a ligament. Ligaments are the fibrous bands of connective tissue that join the end of one bone with another. They stabilize and support the joints. Sprains are usually caused by trauma, such as falling and landing on an outstretched arm, sliding into a base, jumping up and landing on the side of the foot, running on an uneven surface, causing your footing to be unstable and your ankle to roll.

A strain is an injury of a muscle and/or tendon. Tendons are the fibrous cords of tissue that attach muscles to bone. Strains are usually caused by overuse of muscles and tendons. They can also be caused by overstretching.

If you suspect that you have a strain or sprain injury and need immediate medical treatment, come in to Las Vegas Urgent Care today. We have the medical professionals and equipment needed to address your medical needs. We look forward to helping you recover from your injuries as quickly as possible.

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